Anna is a self proclaimed pocket enthusiast. PressPocket is a labour of love and was established in 2015. Anna creates retro hand-made pockets from a range of fabrics. Quirky patterns are plucked from obscurity from op-shops, quilting stores, family cupboards, worldwide. 

Her latest pocket range showcase patterns Anna has designed. Her work reflects her obsession with geometric patterns. 

An idealist who wants people to up-cycle their existing clothes.... without having to buy a sewing machine. Her Iron on pockets take less than 30sec to apply and add an amusing twist to
any garment.
Packaging design - cardboard and resealable bags
Design by Anna Bartholomaeus: Rain 
Design by Anna Bartholomaeus: Plaid
Design by Anna Bartholomaeus: Diamonds
Production line for the InnerWest Designers Market
Market stall at the Inner West Designers Market
PressPocket is stocked by Sweets Workshop :-)
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